The one with how should I start

Note to myself from the past: Don’t let yourself sink in all those threads about which programming language is best to start. It’s a dead end. Just grab one and stick to it for few months at least.

I lost a great amount of time back when I was teenager, because I was doing all kinds of tutorials that brought me to the worst spot. I was thinking “so, with those if statements and for loops you can build a whole application or a game? How? I must have missed something”. So I tried another tutorial with hope that it will bring me closer to reveal the mystery how to build something big with those tiny little bricks.

Now – if I could go back in time I would just pick something I want to make. Let’s say I want to build an audio player. I would open text editor, make a step by step plan and just google everything, but one step at a time. For example:

  1. how to create a window in X language
  2. how to make buttons in window in X language
  3. file picker in X language
  4. how to link buttons with file picker in X language
  5. how to play music with X language

and so on. Of course sometimes you need to rephrase questions multiple times before you find an answer on Stack Overflow or some blog, but you will get there. Just be patient, because you will read a lot more than you write at the beginning. At least that’s what I do most of the time.

And yeah – making each step working is hell of a lot satisfaction and joy. Don’t make errors let you down. Make yourself enjoy it.


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