The one about sources for learning

Today’s post will be short, because I got sick lately so I had other things on my mind.
This is a short list on from where you can learn:

1. StackOverflow
I think the first position is self-explanatory, but I wanted to add something to it. Everyone knows that you can search for an answer to every question that comes to mind and that’s like the coolest thing ever. I think that you can learn a lot not only by searching for answers but by trying to answer questions that doesn’t have answers at the time. You can of course google the answer, but searching for an answer excluding stack overflow you can find gems and improve your research skills.

2. Official Documentation
Of course not every framework/library has any documentation, and most of them has it in pieces, but there are docs, that make my heart skip a beat. Getting to know new framework/library without their documentation is as hard as it gets, so if you are choosing new framework for your project – check documentation first and then make your choice.

3. Blogs
Well, maybe my blog is not a perfect example for it, but some of them are eye-openers. Let me toss you some examples just from the back of my head:
stuffwithstuff (too bad it is not up to date, because it is a great piece of work)
martinfowler PS I’m secretly in love with this guy, this is how smart he is. This one is good for diving into some buzzwords you hear now and then.

4. Books
Well, not the programming language books, because things are changing so fast, that sometimes it can be outdated before it meets the bookstores. But programming concepts aren’t changing that fast.
I didn’t read a lot of computer science books, but I can recommend at least two of them:
Code. The hidden Language of of Computer Hardware and Software. This book goes from explaining electricity to computer program and the journey between is great to read.
Software Craftsmanship It gave me big boost to my motivation, and explained what it is to be good developer.

5. Community
You are working as junior developer, and you want to know more about some specific topic? Have courage to ask and start a discussion at work.
You are unemployed and you have no friends with programming background? Maybe look for a group in your city, dedicated to some language or area of expertise. If there are none, start one. Start small, with e.g. mailing list, then try to meet for a beer/soda. If you are looking for people there is big possibility that other people are looking too.

If you can think of some other source, or you want to recommend me a blog or a book, leave a comment or send me direct message using form on the left side of my site.

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