The one about the goals

From the day I started to work as a programmer, I can’t stop thinking about to where I should aim with my career. Should I expand on my web development skills, or maybe go embedded? Maybe I should focus on DevOps/SysOps? What about new technologies like augumented/virtual reality or machine learning?

I know that it is the beginning of my career and I still have time to choose, but being torn between multiple areas of expertise is not really comfortable for me. But everything feels so exciting and also future-proof. There are things to consider though. Am I smart enough to be good at what I choose? Can I find job where I can make my skills shine and grow at the same time? What about my income after I make up my mind?

This is what makes my heart beat faster:

  • I really like the flexibility and how pragmatic web development is. There are infinite number of possibilities, and there is almost instant gratification aspect – you can make things fast with glamorous effect in the end.
  • When I was younger I wanted to be inventor, to make life easier for some people, and thinking about augumented/virtual reality brings my childhood dreams back to life again. I got mind full of ideas on how to e.g. help people with mental illness. Who knows, maybe I could even save someone’s life with one of my products.
  • Going C/C++ route makes my inner linux fan boy cry from joy. It is my long-time dream to make my contribution to linux kernel. Making open-source Internet of Things (IoT) systems is quite appealing too. But only if it makes someone’s life better and independent from big companies, not all those fancy spying machines.
  • Not so long ago I read an article on machine learning in medicine for diagnose purposes and it was inspiring. Thought about how big of an impact my work would do makes me quiver.

but those are just fantasies, because all in all there are other, more earthbound, factors like number of job offers that I could send application for, income (after all we all need money to live), my education (which is none) and work-life balance.

But you know what? I like to think that maybe someday I will find myself confident enough to recruit myself in one of the companies that are doing one of those things I listed and make my positive impact on the world with my skillset. This is big factor for me when it comes to my dedication for learning programming…

…Even if it’s naive.

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